Warranty period:  Qavashop warrants all the equipment for its parts (except consumable parts) and services for the duration of 2 years for brand new items and 1 year for most used items (detailed information about warranty time for used items is displayed on the product page), starting from the date of delivery.

  • Damages:  The damages covered under the warranty include manufacturer defects, as long as the product has been properly installed and used according to the manual. Any other damages or misuse will be charged and will be dealt with in the maintenance department as mentioned in the manual.

  • Contact:  If you need any maintenance service during the warranty period please create a request through our maintenance application for Apple Store ( Spherey ) for Google Play ( Spherey )

  • Exception:  Warranty will not be valid if the equipment had been serviced by a vendor other than Raqtan or an unauthorized service center.

  • Maintenance:  If a manufacturer defect appears during the warranty period, all the maintenance and services, including return shipping of the product to the client, will be free of charge.

  • User responsibility: The warranty is valid only if there is a serial number for the product, hence please make sure that the serial number on the equipment is not tampered with in any manner and is readable.

Please note that all mentioned above are not included in spare part services.

* The warranty outside Saudi Arabia is 1 year.